2015 Leadership Roundtable

This behind-the-scenes look at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology was held at the Regatta Facility of the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay, where the museum’s collections are stored. After the panel discussion, guests had the opportunity to tour the collections.

Watch a video of the event.


Victoria Bradshaw, Head of Collections
Bradshaw has been with the museum since 1997, overseeing the collections, conservation, and registration activities of its three million objects. In 2010, the Hearst began its five-year plan to relocate and upgrade the storage of its collections.

Ira Jacknis, Research Anthropologist
Dr. Jacknis’s research specialties include the arts and cultures of the Native peoples of western North America, museums, modes of ethnographic representation (especially photography, film, and sound recording), and the history of anthropology.

Jane Williams, Conservator
Williams has served as a conservator at the museum for 10 years, with a particular interest in preventive conservation and in the materials and techniques of Asian lacquer and ancient paintings.

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